Who We Are


For more than a decade Intech has been providing connectivity technology solutions to the Las Vegas community. We have evolved from high-end audio-video contractor, to top DirecTV Partner, to now include managed WiFi, Internet of Things (IoT) and a full wireless internet service provider (WISP) through OMNI. 


Why?  The future is Internet. = IOT

Our team has the expertise, the knowledge, and resources to provide wireless and television  solutions to your business, your community, or your commercial property to usher you into the next generation of connectivity.

At Intech we live and breathe technology and with an already large portfolio of hundreds of satisfied properties we know we can help your business too.

As technology continues to evolve Intech is there to be your partner in this new digital age of everything being connected. We have solutions and services equal to or beyond anything available from your current internet or cable provider and most times at a better value.

Intech is highly responsive, fast and effective. We have grown as a company every year and are a large enough firm to handle all of your wireless and television needs but small enough to get quick responses back so that you know your business matters to us.

Meet the Team

Our L&I department is headed by two amazing professionals who have over 20 years of hotelier experience.


Savino "Sam" Amoia

VP of L&I

Sam has been a resident of Nevada for over 20 years and is an expert in the lodging and institutions industry


Ted Ladomerszky

President of L&I Marketing

Ted has been born and raised in Las Vegas and knows all about every hotel on the strip. He is an avid lifestyle enthusiast and lives each day to the fullest.

Customer Testimonial

I always call INTECH whenever our WIFI goes down. In the case of emergencies, they are onsite the same day. Now that is what I call dependability.