Why Omni


Omni Works Hard For You

Bringing omniFi into your hotel, multi-unit residential or commercial building allows you, the ability to provide top level WiFi service to your tenants and guests, while saving them money! omniFi is the foundation for connection for all OMNI products.

Add Value; Increase Satisfaction

Simply stated, OMNI solutions let’s you better service your guests or residents with the best possible television, WiFi, and IoT experiences while saving them money and making the property money.

OMNI is the best tool for today’s business. And the features included will serve to better improve the lives of your tenants or residents, save them money, and allow you as a property manager the ability to best serve your residents.



Great Internet Speeds

Have your guests talking about how amazing the wifi is on your property and they have no issues logging on.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are repeat customers. We help you keep them coming back.

Increased Revenue

Omni will help increase your bottom line, not only with our revenue share program, but by increased patronage.

Customer Testimonial

INTECH has been great to work with. We have had internet and television content on our property for over three years and are extremely satisfied with our rate of returns.