What We Do


You know that pizza parlor across the street, the dry cleaner, the nail salon? They all want to target your residents and we have the tools to take on any advertiser with the focus on targeting your guests and tenants! Better and targeted offers for your guests and residents, with a focus on the businesses they are surrounded by while offering a unique opportunity to help your fellow neighborhood businesses.


The internet of things is NOW. Every digital connected device from your television to your water flow monitoring and your batteries are low is now connected. Intech will setup, connect, manage and update your connected devices. We live in a world where connectivity is at the forefront of everything. Your alarm systems, cameras, pressure sensors on your floors, home automation, music, lighting and more. It’s all part of our OMNI IoT automation and connectivity solutions.


Help us connect to your neighbors all while offering them a great service and price the best part you sharing in that revenue…win-win! Using an antenna on your property we can use offer your neighboring businesses a better speed internet option that saves them money while putting some of that cash in your pocket.


Client Testimonial

We have been working with INTECH for over 8 years and we wouldn't think of looking elsewhere. They are always on time and always within budget.

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